Reach the medical providers & med tech professionals
who are going to lead the mobile health revolution

Are you a part of a medical technology company that would benefit from reaching an empowered and engaged group of physicians and med tech professionals? Do you have a digital health tool that you would like to have demonstrated at the mHealth Discovery Day?

The mHealth Toolbox will connect you and your technology with clinicians who understand the everyday challenges of running an emergency room. The perspective of a group of doctors from various continents will provide your company with unprecedented insight into how your product plugs into unique practices around the world.


There are multiple ways to get involved as an industry partner:

Preview your technology for attendees

Obtain real-time feedback from physicians

Get paired with clinicians interested in your technology

Engage in exercises to develop new use cases for your product

Reach attendees with your brand through email, print and web exposure.

Reach influential medical providers and med-tech professionals through Telemedicine Magazine

Current sponsors include:

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